Daha iyi İNGİLİZCE konuşmak istiyor musun? BEACH? BITCH? Herkesin Sıkça Yaptığı TELAFFUZ HATALARI!

Sizleri çok büyük dertlerden kurtarmaya geldim.

Let’s go to the beach. Bitch or beach??? Kesinlikle aynı söylenmiyor.

Şu ana kadar böyle rezil olan öğrencilerimi toplasam aslında çok güzel bir koleksiyon olurmuş.

  • Sex-six
  • Sick-seek

Öncelikle seslerin nasıl çıktığına bir odaklanalım.

Biri iiii uzun söylenir: beach

Biri ise i kısa: bitch

Bu videoda öğretilen kelimeler aşağıdaki gibidir.

Sheep -ship

Sheep: a type of animal

  • Vegan people don’t eat sheep.

Ship is a vehicle goes on sea.

  • I don’t like travelling by ship.


Lick: to move your tongue over the surface of something in order to eat it, make it wet or clean it

  • The dinner was absolutely finger-licking good. Everyone loved it.

Leak: to allow liquid or gas to get in or out through a small hole

  • The roof was leaking.

Cheeks- chicks

Chick: a baby bird, especially a baby chicken

But also chick is a way of referring to a young woman (argo)

  • Look at that chick. She is beautiful.

Cheeks: part of our face

  • He kissed her on both cheeks.


Peel means to take the outer layer off fruit, vegetables, etc.

For example we peel an orange, apple, eggplant.

  • Have you feeled the potatoes?

Pill is a medicine.

There are many types of pills, A vitamin pill, birth control pill etc.

  • Take three pills daily after meals.

Bean- bin

Bean is food. There are some types of bean such as green beans, black beans, white beans etc.

  • Cooking white beans takes time.

Bin is where we put the trash. It is a container that you put waste in.

  • A lot of people don’t know how to use bins.

Leave and live

  • I live in İstanbul.
  • I usually leave the office at 6 pm.

Bu videonun sonunda bir test yapılmaktadır. Muhakkak kendinizi test ediniz.

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