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Quickly learn English, practice, and Lingua with a concentrated program
Wouldn't it be great to speak English with Matik-specific techniques?

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The answers to all your questions about our courses and One-to-One Trainings are here!



You are never alone on your English learning journey! Join the LM Club for regular English practice!



You are no longer likely to fail while learning a language! Lingua Book is with you in all your works!

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Our Trainings

Learn English, connect to the world and break geographical boundaries with Lingua Matik!

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LM English Conversation Club

Join the LM Conversation Club and practice your English every day!

Wouldn't it be great to improve your English, keep your level, get answers to all your questions and get together with other learners! Anyone who wants to speak English fluently is at LM Club!
live speaking practice

You will be able to practice English online in one-to-one groups, accompanied by a mentor, by meeting with other language learners every week.

Private lessons for members

You will have unlimited access to all of the content exclusively for LM Club members throughout your entire membership.

Live events and training

To access special events and trainings for LM Club members, it will be enough to make a reservation with a click!

Language lovers community

You will meet with other language lovers, make new friends, learn new things from each other and never feel alone.

Assistant Mentors

Our mentors, who will guide you in the LM Club, will always help you with any issues that come to your mind.


You will be able to access regular content prepared only for Lm Club members and also request resources.




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A UNIQUE resource to make the most of your language learning journey!

You are never alone in your language learning adventure!

Lingua Book always with you.

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  1. Be sure to check out our INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE channels, where we produce daily and weekly content for free.
  2. By getting one-to-one private training, you can level up in a very fast time with a specially planned lesson program.
  3. Check out our Video Tutorials to jump from basic to intermediate level.
  4. Meet with LM Club to practice speaking. 
  • Check out the Lingua Book to advance your studies in the most efficient way.

Our one-to-one private trainings are specially planned according to the individual needs and demands of our students. After deciding to take the training, the process proceeds as follows:

  1. To determine the student's level two exams makes. First test based on grammar, vocabulary and reading/comprehension placement testis. The second one was conducted to measure speaking skills. speaking testis. The speaking test is scheduled with the student by our training coordinator and is done remotely.
  2. After the written and oral exam, our education coordinator listens to all the needs and demands of the student and creates a special program for him. The hours that the student wants to take the courses are determined.
  3. A teacher is assigned to the student and the necessary resources are communicated.
  4. Now you can book your lesson and start studying English whenever you feel like it!

Our video tutorials have been created for you to learn basic English as soon as possible. These trainings include video lectures, practice tests and exercises, speaking and pronunciation exercises, lecture notes and writing assignments.

LM Club is an online club established for people with an English level of A2 and above to practice. LM Club has exclusive content, training, seminars and resources for club members rather than online speaking practice. Regular weekly speaking sessions are held and club members can enter any session they want without limit.

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