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Let's get to know our English teacher, the founder of Lingua Matik.

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Hi! I'm MERVE.

I am Merve Erçin, the founder, Lecturer and Life Coach of Lingua Matik.

Istanbul University I graduated from Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education as an English teacher and I am currently working as an Instructor at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa.

After graduating from Istanbul University English Language Teaching, I went to Portugal for my master's degree.

at the University of Lisbon I focused on the same field and completed my studies by specializing in the teaching of the English language. I wrote my master's thesis on the situation of English in Turkey and Portugal, the attitudes and proficiency of Turks and Portuguese towards English.

I can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Throughout my entire education life, I have always had one goal. To establish an educational institution where I can freely reflect all my knowledge to my students. Seeing the negative attitude of the Turks towards English, I have laid the foundations in Portugal with the aim of changing it. Lingua Matik I installed it. Lingua Matik Since 2020, it continues to work in Turkey at full speed.


I know very well how tiring and stressful it is to learn a foreign language. I felt the same things for a long time while learning a foreign language. I had the opportunity to work with students from all over the world at world-renowned language schools in Turkey and abroad. Thanks to the dozens of countries I have visited, the knowledge I have gained, my experiences, and hundreds of students I have had the opportunity to work with, I have seen many different ways of learning. I combined all these experiences with the trainings I received and the knowledge I gained, and combined English into an easy, understandable and conversation-based education.

After seeing the importance of motivation for the successful progress of the English learning journey, I have tried to help students' mental health. from Riccon University I received Life Coaching Training. 

If you want to benefit from my life coaching trainings, you can check out my UDEMY courses. 

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Behind the scenes 🙂

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