Today we will learn the most common homophones in English.

Know-No /nəʊ/

Know means to have information about something.

  • I need to know your address.

No; I guess everyone knows but it is a negative reply.

  • No, I don’t wanna know the truth.

Dam-Damn /dæm/

Dam is a barrier to stop the water from flowing, usually to produce electricity.

  • The dam was full of water.

Damn is a swear word to show anger or disappointment.

  • Oh damn! I forgot my wallet at home!

Ad- add /æd/

Ad is the short form of advertisement which means a notice telling people about a product or service.

  • You should pay for YouTube not to see ads.

Add means to put something more to increase the amount.

  • Add some pepper to your soup. 

Ate-eight /eɪt/

Ate is the past form of the verb eat which means to put food into your mouth and you know the rest.

  • I ate all the pizza.

Eight is the number 8.

  • It’s 8 o’clock.

Bare-bear /ber/

Bare means not covered by any clothes, naked

  • I like to walk around in bare feet.

Bear has two important meaning. First one is to deal with something unpleasant something not nice, to manage a problem.

  • I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I went to hospital.

The other meaning is the animal which is wild and big and dangerous. 

  • Winnie-the-pooh is a fictional bear.

Cent-scent-sent /sent/

Cent is a coin used for dollar or euro.

  • The price of diesel was increased by 25 cents per litre.

Scent means nice smell

  • The scent of my perfume is amazing.

Finally sent is the past form of the verb send which means make something go.

  • I sent the package by airmail.

Cheap-cheep /tʃiːp/

Cheap means low price.

  • Pegasus usually offers cheap flights.

Cheep is to make a short, high squeaky sound by birds.

  • Sparrows are cheeping all around.

Dear-deer /dɪr/

Dear is a word we can use at the beginning of a letter before the name of the person.

  • Dear Mr. Jones

It also means the loved oned.

  • She is one of my dearest friend.

Deer is a beautiful animal with long legs and can run fast.

  • Hunting deer has some strict rules.

Die-dye /daɪ/

Die means stop living.

  • A lot of people died due to the corona virus in 2020.

Dye is to change the color of something.

  • I dyed my hair brown.

Fair-fare /fer/

Fair means something accepable.

  • The punishment wasn’t fair to me.

Fare is the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi, etc.

  • Students travel in the city at half fare.

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