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When, While and As


When is used to talk about a specific point in time. 

And while is used to talk about a duration or an action that happened continuously in the past.

Another way to explain this, when is used with the past simple, with while we use continuous or -ing verb. to help you understand in when, I have e so verb –ed (past simple)

With while I have –i , so I must use –ing verb.

So let’s check the examples.

  • While I was walking, I saw my friend.

So we have two parts of the sentence, which part indicates a duration of time? While I was walking right? if I use -ing in one part I use past simple in the other because the action I saw my friend interrupted my action. I’m no walking anymore.

I was walking walking walking walking and walking, suddenly I stopped because I saw my friend and I wanted to say hi!

The second example:

  • When the doorbell rang, I was sleeping,

Again: after when (the first part of the sentence after when I used past simple, and in the second part I used past continuous, I was sleeping for a while, ding ding the doorbell rand and interrupted my sleep, it cut my action.

I can actually say while I was sleeping the doorbell rang.

Same meaning, I just added while before the continuous action.

Let’s see the next example:

  • While I was making the birthday cake, I poured a glass of salt instead of sugar into it.

So, I was making the cake, I added eggs, flour, baking powder oops by mistake I added salt instead of sugar!

I can also start the sentence from the end:

  • I poured a glass of salt instead of sugar into the birthday cake while I was making it.

Nothing changes -ing after while wherever it is. But remember, no comma in this case, no need to cut your sentence whereas in the first sentence when I start with while I have to separate the clauses with a comma,

  • While I was making the birthday cake, I poured a glass of salt instead of sugar into it.

Now let’s talk about while a bit more.

Sometimes, we have not one, but two actions happening continuously at the same time right?

Right now, I am giving a lesson and you are watching it, so these two actions can be joined in a sentence how?

While the teacher was explaining the lesson, I was listening carefully.

While my mom was cleaning the kitchen, I was preparing lunch.

While I was talking on the phone, my sisters were fighting.

Sometimes, you might see *As* used instead of while, As have many meanings one of which is while so yes, I can say:

  • As I was walking home, I saw my friend.

I poured salt instead of sugar into the cake as I was making it.

that’s all for today, I hope you understand this topic and you could use “while” and “when” effectively.

See you in another lesson!

To watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fej9HjDFJE

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